LEONI in Ukraine
– Representative of the Wiring Systems Division

The Wiring Systems Division is represented by LEONI Wiring Systems UA GmbH with its plant based in Stryi

LEONI Wiring Systems UA GmbH is part of the LEONI Wiring Systems Division. The pilot plant project in the Ukrainian city Stryi was realised within a very short time and the opening was held on July 21, 2003 while the assembly of the first production samples already took place one year earlier. The facility is furnished with modern equipment, comfortable offices, household facilities, dining areas and dressing rooms.

LEONI Wiring Systems UA GmbH is a bright example for a close economic and scientific-technical cooperation between Ukraine and Germany. This has been the most powerful investment project in the field of electrical equipment production for engines and vehicles in the last few years. LEONI Wiring Systems UA GmbH is one of the largest enterprises in terms of capital investment and production with foreign investments in the Lviv Region with more than 65 million Euros invested.

The automotive industry is the main customer for which LEONI develops and produces high-quality products - complex on-board systems with integrated electronics. Manufactured at the LEONI Ukraine plant, we supply cable assemblies to LEONI plants in Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, the UK, the USA and Austria. Colleagues in these countries assemble cars for renowned car manufacturers such as Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi and Lamborghini.

Further information on our location:

LEONI Wiring Systems UA GmbH, Stryi


LEONI Wiring Systems UA GmbH is one of the largest enterprises with foreign investments in the Lviv region.

Number of employees
More than 7,000 (2016)

Total area
65,000 m²

Number of own fleet buses for staff transportation

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