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Field Report

Assembly Operator

Vira, joined LEONI in Nov 2003, junior confectionery specialist. Saw ad, applied, underwent basic training to join.

My story at LEONI

I am Vira. I have been working at LEONI since November 2003. I graduated from Higher Vocational School No. 34. By education, I am a chef-confectioner/technologist, a junior specialist. I came to LEONI after seeing an advertisement with vacancies, filling out an application, and undergoing basic training.

This is my job

Before the start of the shift, a Shift Leader or a Team Speaker conducts a meeting during which important information of various kinds is communicated to the team. Afterwards, I check that everything is okay with my workplace and inspect the materials for damage. The shift lasts 7.5 hours with a 30-minute lunch break.

At first glance, if you don't know how to assemble a car harness, then this process may seem confusing and difficult. However, I work with detailed work steps and visual aids on the assembly board to help navigate this process easily.

Despite the apparent uniformity, my work is quite diverse. Every assembly board in my line is multi-functional. With extensive experience in production, I have acquired many qualifications, allowing me to work at different steps as needed - we refer to this as rotation within the line.

If certain problematic situations arise, they are addressed by the quality inspectors or engineering department, which are located directly on the production segment.

My view of LEONI as an employer

I appreciate the welcoming team atmosphere at LEONI and the opportunity to collaborate with experienced specialists. With LEONI's longstanding presence in Ukraine for over 20 years, there's a significant concentration of expertise. It is important to emphasize that LEONI always meets people's needs, which is very important, because there are thousands of employees and we are all very different. It is also valuable to me that LEONI places great emphasis on employee safety in every possible aspect.

The work culture at LEONI is characterized by responsibility and discipline, stability, and good working conditions. Additionally, the friendly team and the openness and sociability of managers contribute to a positive work environment.

LEONI in three words? Stability, discipline, responsibility.

My tips

Be open, communicative and persistent, work on yourself.

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