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Ulyana Moroz Senior Quality Control Engineer of Competence Team GM

In 2005, I started my career at LEONI as the referent of the production manager and it was my first experience working for the automotive industry. 

I gained a clear picture of tasks of every department based on production processes, which helped me get a position as a QM Specialist in 2006. Conducting various meetings and taking part in different reviews for risk assessment and process standardization gave me a strong knowledge of all production and design processes that are not vivid in production floor. Working with different business units and for various projects further developed my knowledge of specific requirements and processes for each and every customer.

Having this experience, I took on the responsibility of a project quality coordinator for the new VW project for Audi R8 back in 2012. It widened my knowledge with customer processes and gave me more experience in cooperating with customers and colleagues worldwide. Various trainings on my job and on personal development helped me very much in making my work successful.

In 2014, I had an interview with the Competence Team BU GM for a lead quality engineer position, and successfully started my new task with support in quality from the plants worldwide. 

I am proud to be a part of the LEONI team as it gives me the opportunity to evolve through new challenging tasks!

Roman Kalynchuk Industrial Engineer of Lead Plant Team BU GM

Receiving an employment at LEONI, I was assured that I would have a lot of career opportunities. My career started back in 2009 with a position as a production line runner. The first step on the professional ladder was an engineering position in the industrial engineering department in 2011. My benefits were: knowledge of English, clear determination in choosing a future profession, experience in teamwork, knowledge of electronic equipment and software.

As an Industrial Engineer I was actively involved in the optimization, rationalization and efficiency improvement of the production processes.

After different trainings on intercultural communication and specialized engineering training at LEONI, I significantly increased my level of qualification. I actively conducted different trainings, improved my English skills and used this knowledge in collaboration with foreigners, transferring the expertise to new employees of the industrial engineering department in Morocco and Romania.

In 2014, I joined an international engineering support Competence Team whose members are now actively working in Mexico. The main objective of the team is the transfer of experience and organisational processes similar to the Ukrainian plant, which is recognized as one of the most effective ones among the LEONI Wiring Systems Division. 

I'm happy to be an employee of LEONI because this company gives me the possibility of development and self-realisation!

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