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Making an entire career through dedication and self-improvement

Read how Svitlana built her entire career from the shopfloor to the Quality Management Department.

"I have always believed that you can succeed at anything."

My story with LEONI began back in 2005, when I left my 10-month-old daughter at home and came here at the age of 20. It had been my dream to work at this factory that seemed modern, fashionable and cool.

When I first came to LEONI, I was not disappointed: I liked everything – from the lighting, our modern equipment, the discipline, the free transportation as well as the general working conditions.

My first years at LEONI were the time when I built both my character as well as many relationships with wonderful people, who supported and helped me in everything. It was a pleasant, warm, friendly atmosphere and LEONI quickly became like my second family.

Young, ambitious and inquisitive as I was, I felt after a few years that I wanted to learn something more – and I knew inside that I had the potential to excel.

After getting familiar with various internal vacancies, I realized that in order to achieve something bigger within LEONI, I would need to work on myself and develop. This inspired me to enter university as a remote student and additionally study Computer Sciences as well as the German language. I have always believed that if you set a goal for yourself and put in constant work on yourself you can succeed at anything.

Today I can say that my efforts were rewarded: With this new qualification, I got the chance to work in the prototype department and after 1.5 years of working there, I was interviewed in the quality management department, where I am happy to contribute to this day as Specialist Operations Quality Auditor.

Today I can confidently say that if I could go back in time, I would choose LEONI again. Working here gave me a great base, the desire to work and develop, it took away my self-doubt and much more.

I always loved and still love it when new projects are introduced and there is an opportunity to improve something – which feels like putting a part of myself into the project.

On my path, I owe a lot to my family, but also to the colossal support of my managers, who always appreciated the hard work and supported me in everything.