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Field Report

Specialist Accountant

Romanna, studied at Lviv's Ivan Franko National University and joined LEONI in 2022.

My story at LEONI

Hello! My name is Romanna. I studied at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, majoring in journalism. I have been working with LEONI every day for almost two years now, and I would love to share my impressions.

I started working in the company after the full-scale invasion. Before that, my family and I lived and worked in the capital. Despite its size, Kyiv is a very comfortable city to live in. But the war made us to returned to our parents' house in a small village near Stryi.

I got a job at LEONI in May 2022. My team is full of wonderful, friendly people and true professionals in their field. I get great satisfaction from my work. It feels very good here that people are cared for. From the first days of the full-scale war a shelter was set up, in which conditions for work were created in case of critical need. Medical personnel are always on site and, if necessary, you will be given necessary medicines. There is also a psychologist who provides us training from time to time. There is a wonderful library with many modern interesting books, the number of which is constantly increasing. English lessons are also commonplace for me and my colleagues. The experience gained here is invaluable. With 12 years of experience in three positions, I can say with certainty that LEONI is one of my best jobs!

Thanks to our employees, who know how to quickly assess and react to events in the country, the plant courageously passes the tests that stand in the way of doing business in Ukraine. A sense of security and unity reigns here, which helps to overcome daily difficulties.

Yes, day by day we are getting stronger and by staying to work in Ukraine we are all getting closer to our victory!

This is my job

My day-to-day job starts with a coffee. I'm joking. The team I belong to holds responsibility in foreign economic activity. So, the first thing I do in the morning is enter the exchange rates, and then all day revolves around export and import tasks. Additionally, handling payments abroad and incoming payments partly falls on me.

My highlight

Every day is special and interesting in its own way.

My view of LEONI as an employer

I may not know what the plant was like before, but today it stands as a symbol of unity and friendship, a hub for collective effort and shared interests, a platform for growth and resilience, a place that remained bright during blackouts. Here we are united, and therefore invincible!

What I value most about LEONI is solidarity and friendship.

The work culture at LEONI is characterized by mutual respect, strong supportiveness, and a collaborative spirit, fostering effective teamwork.

LEONI in three words? Culture, professionalism, responsibility.

My tips

First and foremost, it's about determination to succeed. Additionally, it's about having confidence in your abilities and a strong desire to work hard.

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