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Field Report

Specialist Technician Maintenance

Oleh has been working for LEONI since August 2020. He especially appreciates the opportunity for continuous development and improvement.

My story at LEONI

My name is Oleh, and I have been working at LEONI since August 2020. During this time, I have made many impressive discoveries. LEONI is an incredible and unique company for several reasons. Primarily, LEONI is a world leader in the production and supply of cable systems for the automotive, industrial electronics, and other industries. Our technologies are at the core of many innovative products used in various aspects of life.

My journey at LEONI began with basic training, where I was introduced to the company's main principles of operation. After completing basic training, I worked at a test table. Subsequently, I applied for an interview in the technical department for the position of Specialist Technician Maintenance and successfully passed it. I went on a business trip to Switzerland, where I became acquainted with new equipment and learned how to repair it. I owe this opportunity to the people who taught me and to LEONI, which believed in me.

This is my job

I am currently working as a Specialist Technician Maintenance. My main task is to maintain USS splice welding equipment and Isotherm foaming equipment. Throughout the day, I oversee the operation of the foaming equipment, monitor the temperature and material levels in the tankers. Additionally, I conduct planned inspections of the equipment.

My highlight

Once, I was given the opportunity to go on a business trip to Isotherm in Switzerland to learn how to maintain new equipment specifically designed for LEONI. During this trip, I was exposed to advanced technologies and work processes, which proved to be an extremely valuable experience for LEONI.

My view of LEONI as an employer

LEONI stands out from other companies with its special ability to constantly develop and improve. It always sets the task of implementing new technologies and approaches in the activities. The spirit of innovation and continuous improvement reigns here, and this is especially important to me, as I am always ready to learn and develop.

Teamwork is important at LEONI, which is the basis of the corporate culture. You can always count on support here.

LEONI in three words? Team-spirit, innovations and technologies.

My tips

To work successfully at LEONI, you need to have technical skills relevant to your area of work. Additionally, important qualities include sociability, the ability to collaborate in a team, analytical thinking, and result-orientation.

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